Obtain UUID: Edge PC Devices

If you are connecting from a Phoenix Contact Edge PC Box PC like the Edge PC 1502, you can obtain additional UUIDs for Node-RED Flows by adding Child Devices to your Device in the Proficloud.io Device Management Service.

Before moving on, make sure that your Edge PC is connected to Proficloud.io. Open the WebBasedManagement (WBM) and select “Proficloud” in the configuration space. Copy the UUID and add it to your Proficloud.io account by clicking on “Add Device”. After you have done this, you can activate the Proficloud component in the WBM and click apply.

Now you will find the Edge PC in the Device Overview in the Device Management Service. Select your Edge PC Device.

Edge PC Device in the Device Management Service Device Overview

In your Device, switch to the Child Devices Tab and select Add Child Device. You can now add a Child device with its own name, comment, location and tags.

Add Child Device Dialog

Submit your Input. Your newly created Child Device will show up with its UUID in the Child Devices Tab. You can register up to 10 Child Devices under each Edge PC Device.

Learn how to use the UUID to connect your Phoenix Contact Proficloud Device Node to Proficloud.io in the next lesson.

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