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When it comes to updating the firmware of the device a lot of people are hesitant because they always have a fear, that something might go wrong. But of course in Proficloud we thought of it and there are different steps to a firmware update.
At first the image is downloaded. There are different checks to make sure that the firmware update file is actually okay – the device does some checks.
In case any error happens, everything is rolled back, so our customers can be sure that their device is always going to be in a safe state.
We upload these images ourself, so you can always be sure, that your device are running an official Phoenix Contact firmware.

On, it is often also a question of high data security and topicality. To ensure that your devices are always equipped with the latest firmware, we offer the possibility to update the firmware remotely on

This means you no longer need to be near the device to refresh the firmware to the latest version. The individual steps of the firmware update process also ensure that, should something go wrong, a state is always restored in which the device continues to function.

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