The EMMA (Energy, Monitoring, Management, Analytics) Service

EMMA Service on
EMMA Service on

With the EMMA Service on, you can quickly and effectively visualize data and draw conclusions. The Smart Service, which is specifically tailored to Energy Manager, offers a wide range of setting options for the visualizations, as well as a very simple entry into the world of data visualization.

The Smart Service stands out for its high usability and easy understanding of the individual steps the user has to take to create a new widget. In less than 10 clicks you can see and analyze your data on the screen.

To gain real insights, it is possible to compare the data in a widget over time. This way you can see exactly how e.g. the consumption of machines differs on certain days of the week (Monday and Monday in the previous week or similar). This way you can optimize your processes and can always make expert knowledge, which otherwise only individuals have, tangible.

The Smart Service is developed in close communication with actual users to make sure it adds value for you.

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List of capable devices

Product page: Measuring instrument – EEM-SB371-C – 1158947

Product page: Measuring instrument – EEM-SB370-C – 1158951

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