The Time Series Data Service


The great thing about our Time Series Data Service is, that it allows us to visualize data coming from out devices.
To give an example: If I am a manufacturer and I have different devices that show me temperature values for some of my plants, I can upload these values and then I can display them in our Time Series Data Service, so I always know, no matter where I am what is going on. Are the temperature values still in the correct range or not.
The cool thing about our Times Series Data Service is, that it very adaptable and very customizable.
Customers can chose whatever visualization they want to see, whatever suits their purpose.
They are able to quickly create new dashboards and new views with just a couple of clicks.
There is no need to program anything manually – It is really just a few clicks and people are able to view their data which ever way they want.
An interesting function of the Time Series Data Service is, that it allows you to visualize from different devices in the same dashboard. That allows you to get a complete overview with one quick look and it also enables you to see if there is any correlation between the different data.
The Time Series Data Service also offers an alerting feature, what that means is that I am able to set different threshold for the metrics I upload. I could for example say: “For my device 80 °C is too high, so if one of my devices reaches that temperature, I want somebody to be notified.”
I can then set there 80 °C as a threshold and set up a notification, so somebody gets an email or something, when that value is reached.
Of course in Proficloud everything happens in real time, what that means is, that the delay between a device sending data and me actually being able to see it in Proficloud is very low. That allows us to do the alerting feature, so people can be notified as soon as something actually happens.

With Time Series Data Service, you can monitor and track the process data of your plant. This creates the basis for predictive maintenance and other big-data applications. Web-based dashboards give you access to your data anytime, anywhere. You decide for yourself what you want to use it for.

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