Brief look at the Smart Service landscape of


We have a number of different services available in Proficloud.
Of course there is the Device Management Service that deals with managing devices, showing their basic information, updating firmware etc.
There is the TSD service which stands for Time Series Data, which is all about visualising data that is coming from devices.
We have the EMMA service which is an energy management service, so we are able to visualise energy usage.
And of course there is the ImpulseAnalytics service, which deals with showing surges happen in the devices.

The heart of and the central point of contact for all devices on is the Device Management Service. Here all devices are registered and managed. From here you can set up and edit connections to the other services, such as the Time Series Data Service.

In the Time Series Data Service you have the possibility to visualise the data that you send with your device into the cloud and set up alerts.

Furthermore, Proficloud offers services that are developed precisely for a specific use, such as the ImpulseAnalytics Service or the Energy Management Service.

To take advantage of all these services, you can use the Service Store as a central point of contact for service bookings.

References & Where to learn more general FAQs

Device Management Service FAQs

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