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We have a variety of different hardware devices that connect to Proficloud.
On the one hand side there is PLCnext of course, where we are able to do firmware updates, to see health status of the device, get logs.
We are also able to see TSD data coming from the device, so we always know what is going on with our machine.
There are the ImpulseCheck devices that are connected to our ImpulseAnalytics Service.
We can see surges and everything directly in the cloud. Of course there are a lot more devices still to come.
There are lots of reasons for PLCnext customers to use Proficloud. On the one hand side it allows you to always know, what is going on with your device. It is never been easier to update your firmware for example.
Proficloud allows customers to always see the current status of their machine. They always know “is it healthy, is it online, is it working as intended or are there problems.”
If there is a firmware update, I can just click a few buttons in the cloud and do a remote firmware update and I never even have to go near the device. offers some useful and profitable possibilities to connect hardware devices to the cloud. Above all, the PLCnext controller AXC F 2152 which already uses the core functions of the Device Management Service and the Time Series Data Service.

Other devices already connected to legacy, such as the ImpulseCheck devices, will soon be taking advantage of the Device Management Service, as well as also connecting to their own smart device services.

Phoenix Contact is also planning to expand the list of devices that can connect to the cloud soon and, for example, use the EMpro. EMpro energy measuring devices record and communicate your energy data to higher-level control and management systems. For easy installation and commissioning of the devices, we have paid special attention to user-friendliness and optimal interaction with the current sensor technology.

Regardless of which of the available devices you register on, all devices benefit from the organization options in the Device Management Service.

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EMpro EEM-SB371-C – 115897 – Product page

EMpro EEM-SB370-C – 1158951 – Product page

ImpulseCheck IPCH-4X-PCL-TCP-24DC-UT – 1045379 – product page

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