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The Device Template in the Time Series Data Service works the same for all users of the Smart Service, which means that you as a user have only limited access to it. Don’t worry, no one else can see your data, you just use the Device Template as a “blueprint” to display your metrics.

To be able to create your own dashboard, you need to switch to your own “organization”, where you will be an administrator.

In the Time Series Data Service you will see an avatar in the left navigation bar in the lower area, if you move the mouse over it (or click on it), a window with new setting options will appear. If you scroll down to the “Organizations” section, you will see that there are two Organizations:

  1. Your personal organization, (name = email address, role = editor)
  2. PROFICLOUD (Time Series Data Service Template, role = View)

Click here at your entry on [Select] to switch to your own organization. You can also switch back at any time using the same method.

After you have changed the organization, you will notice that some icons have been added to the sidebar. In the organization you are in now, you can create new dashboards or set up alerting rules and notification channels.

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