What does “Proficloud.io” actually mean?


E-Learning transcript:
When we are developing Proficloud services there are a couple of key features we always have in mind.
On the one hand side, that is of course security, which is very important to the vast majority of our customers. We are talking about industrial security – That is just a “must have”.
Another thing that is also very important to us is “ease of use” – so our goal is always, that somebody who does not have a technical background, is not an IT person is able to use our services.
We also need non technical people to be able to use our services.
Proficloud is our offering to customers, that want to connect their devices to the cloud. To make them smart. To have the information available to them, that just want to make more of the information that they have and the date they have inside of their plants, inside of their manufacturing.
We give the opportunity for an easy to use interface that is very lightweight and understandable, to make user of their data.
To really know at any time from anywhere what is going on with their machines – what is the actual status and so on.

Proficloud.io is a simple, easy to understand and secure for you to realise the potential of your industrial application in the cloud.

Proficloud.io and its services have been built with simplicity and usability in mind. It can be used by anyone, whether they are an IT expert or a beginner.

Proficloud.io is ready for those who want to take the step towards using the Cloud to get more out of their hardware. Connect your Phoenix Contact devices to Proficloud.io today, and you will be able to access your data from anywhere in the world, allowing you to react quickly to any situation.

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