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Device Management Service

The Device Management Service offers standardized, application-independent device information in real time on for Phoenix Contact and third party devices.​

  • Health status of registered devices
  • Nameplate for devices that can be enriched with individual content
  • Firmware update for Phoenix Contact devices remotely
  • Easy overview of connected devices with interactive map

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The Standard for all Phoenix Contact smart devices

The Device Management Service offers standardized, application-independent device information in real time on for Phoenix Contact and third party devices.​

Manage and monitor your Phoenix Contact smart devices with The Device Management Service anywhere at any time. You get a direct overview of device information as a digital nameplate, such as device type, serial number, and installed firm and hardware version. In addition, you have a constant view of the state of health status as well as current and historical logs.​

Easily keep your Smart Device firmware up to date. This guarantees that you can immediately use the latest smart device features and that your machines and systems are permanently protected.

Monitoring of registered devices with health status free of charge and easy to handle

Thanks to the simple and easy-to-understand device overview in the free Device Management Service, all you need to do is log in to and immediately see which device needs your attention.

In the device overview in the Device Management Service, thanks to the color coding, you can immediately see which devices are working as expected, which need your attention, and which devices are offline. You can then use the logs to find out why one of your devices has switched to an error state.

The image shows the Device Management Service on a Mac. A device is opened in the firmware update view. Here you can see the current firmware, a history and that the automatic firmware update is activated.

With the Smart Service you can keep the firmware of your device always up to date – remotely and easily users can use the Device Management Service to see immediately when a new firmware update is available and also launch it from the Device Management Service.

Every Phoenix Contact device that can be natively registered on offers the possibility to check the installed firmware version in the detailed view of the device and to install a new firmware version if required – if the user is authorized to do so.

Constant monitoring of online status for secure data collection

Each device can be enriched with data, which allows an easy entry into the usage of the devices or e.g. to display information about responsibilities.

Take the opportunity and enrich your devices with static data, such as tags (e.g. “production hall 1”), comments (e.g. responsibilities) or locations (coordinates) and make sure that your colleagues, partners or customers immediately understand what kind of device it is.

Phoenix Contact Smart Business Proficloud Device Management Service showing the Device overview with map and healt status of devices

Device Management Service description

Device overview with easy-to-understand color coding

In addition to the colored marking of the devices, depending on the health status sent by the device, the overview also shows the connection status of the devices. In addition to the color marking (grayed out = offline), the cloud icons also provide an insight into the connection status (black cloud, filled in = online, crossed out cloud = offline). For devices that are offline, the last status (Attention or Error) is displayed at all times, enriched with information about when the device last had a connection to

Devices that are working properly and are online are displayed in such a way that they have no signal effect on the user. Devices that are in an attention state are given a warning triangle icon, as well as a yellowish marking of the device panel. Devices that are in a critical error state are given a round warning icon and are highlighted in red.

The color coding thus enables the viewer to quickly and easily identify which devices need his attention.

Add custom meta data to a device

Knowledge grows when you share it. Save time, resources and energy by enriching devices with information in the Device Management Service. Add a comment, assign a location or add tags. With the tags you can e.g. later filter a large number of devices in the Device Overview by tags and thus optimize your work processes on the cloud side.

Understanding how to use the Device Management Service is simplified with additional comments on individual devices, for example, it is possible to record device responsibilities or exactly what a particular device is used for.

Interactive map with device health status

All devices to which you have given a location are automatically displayed on the interactive map next to the device overview. This way you can see exactly which devices can be found at which location and can call up the corresponding device with a click on the marker.

Perform and monitor firmware update remotely

The process itself is displayed transparently, so that monitoring the firmware update is easy and, if necessary, the cause of the error becomes apparent. The individual steps are enriched with further information so that users can follow the steps in plain text.

If the firmware update process has been completed or aborted, the user is now shown a report of this process, which can also be hidden if required.

Use device logs directly in the Device Management Service

In the Device Management Service you have the possibility to send all logs of the device to and save time in certain processes, e.g. troubleshooting or debugging of devices.

You can browse the logs, view live logs and also export them as CSV file.

Schedule live demo for the Device Management Service

Would you like to see the functions live? With pleasure! We will be happy to show you all the functions directly in live operation, make an appointment today!

Want to see the whole offer? That’s for sure possible as well! Just mention this in the mail and we will work things out.

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Show the Device Management Service in the Service Store for pricing, compatibility and changelogs.

The Device Management Service s a free Smart Service on

DMS Basic Add-on is the first Add-on for the Device Management Service

The DMS Basic Add-on is available

The first add-on for the Device Management Service offers the possibility to create groups of individual devices, a notification system for the health status of your devices and an application update (currently PLCnext hardware) remotely.

But also the firmware update is improved in this add-on and adapted to the needs of our users – now automatic firmware updates can be enabled for certain devices, so you never have to worry about the current firmware and the associated security features again.

Further information

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