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Charge Repay Service

The Charge Repay Service collects billing-relevant data from domestic wallboxes and enables calibration-compliant and kWh-accurate billing for e-service vehicles. Independent of the wallbox used!

  • Use of any wallbox you like (with single charge point)
  • Automated reimbursement

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Wallbox-independent charge@home billing with the Charge Repay Service

The flexible combination of Charge Repay Gateway and MID meter enables data transfer via a simple plug & play solution, guaranteeing data availability.

With the Charge Repay service, you can connect any wallbox to your preferred backend and benefit from long-term independence and maximum flexibility.

Are you facing these challenges?

Your employees with company cars have already set up wallboxes at home that cannot communicate with a backend, so consumption-based billing is not possible.

This is how we support you:
With the combination of Charge Repay Service and Charge Repay Gateway, you also have the option of expanding existing wallboxes at low cost, so that in the end it doesn’t matter what hardware your company car drivers have installed.

You want to re-tender your fleet and are limited in your choice of new providers because your potential new provider does not support existing wallboxes.

This is how we support you:
With the Charge Repay Gateway and Charge Repay Service, you have the ability to connect any legacy hardware to any backend, so you don’t have to worry about moving your system.

You want to offer your employees consumption-based billing for domestically charged company cars, but you don’t know how.

This is how we support you:
With the Charge Repay Service, it is possible to distinguish charges between private and billable charges of a vehicle at the home wallbox.

With the administration interface, you always have an overview of all payroll-relevant loads of your employees and can either export them as CSV and process them in an ERP system or send them directly to another backend.

View into the admin view of the Charge Repay Service

View into the driver view of the Charge Repay Service

Your advantages at a glance

Cost-effective: connection of existing wallboxes & unlimited choice for new installations

User-oriented: Fast availability, low installation effort & high flexibility

Sustainable & legally compliant: Retrofitting (existing) wallbox is sustainable and compliant with calibration law

More Information

More information can be found on the landing page of the Charge Repay Service:

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