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Power reliability – endless possibilities

Solutions for plant availability

Discover coordinated solutions from surge protection, power supply and device protection enriched with Smart Services on

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Avoid unplanned system failures, downtimes and keep track of systems health

Unscheduled system downtime costs time, money and nerves. For efficient production, you need a reliable power supply solution and the ability to view the status of your system at any time. With Phoenix Contact as your partner, you have exactly these solutions from a single source. Hardware and Smart Services on

An overall system of hardware and Smart Services not only ensures plant availability within a site, but also makes information available where it is needed and allows conclusions to be drawn about unforeseen events.

Florian Jacob, Product Owner Phoenix Contact Smart Business

Find out more about the subject of system availability and about our protection concepts

Protection against surge voltages and lightning strikes

Protect your systems and electrical devices against excessively high voltage peaks caused by switching operations and lightning strikes.

You should plan your protection concept for lightning and surge protection so that all cables, devices, and systems are protected.

The protective circuit principle is easy to illustrate: Draw an imaginary circle around the object you want to protect. Surge protective devices must be installed at all points where cables intersect this circle. This ensures that the area within the protective circuit is protected in such a way that conducted surge voltages are prevented. An effective protective circuit helps ensure seamless surge protection.

To ensure that all surge protectors are operational, even after an overload, use a monitoring system that shows you the remaining life.

Protection against mains interruptions and monitoring of mains interruptions

Our power supplies, DC/DC converters, redundancy modules, and uninterruptible power supplies enable you to supply your application reliably.

Choose the ideal power supply that meets your needs from our wide range of different product families. DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters are available for voltage conversion. Our redundancy modules enable you to decouple two power supplies and ensure the high availability and productivity of your system. You can rely on our uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) during mains interruptions.

To help you respond quickly in the event of a power outage, deploy a cloud-based alert system that lets you notify responsible parties quickly and effectively – With information on remaining life, power status, and much more.

With these, you are not taking any risks.

Protection against overloads and short circuits

Device circuit breakers protect your equipment against overload and short-circuit currents and selectively shut down just the affected circuit in the event of a fault.
To provide the ideal protection, our circuit breakers therefore use various technologies:

  • Thermal circuit breakers for overload protection
  • Thermomagnetic circuit breakers for overload and short-circuit protection
  • Electronic circuit breakers for protection in the event of overload, short circuit, line attenuation, and high input capacitance

Optimize your production process and minimize downtimes by using our overcurrent protection.

With cloud-based Smart Services, you can always monitor history and limit violations so you can take preventive action. Get convenient notifications of status changes so you can prepare for action before a surge occurs.

Power reliability – endless possibilities

Find out more about the topic of plant availability and about our protection concepts

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