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In’s Knowledge Hub you will find the latest developments and publications as well as technical documentation, FAQs and e-learnings.

Knowledge Hub

“Big Data”, “IoT”, “Internet of Things” – All these were buzzwords for visions and scenarios the industry was thinking about a few years ago, freely following the motto “That would be nice”.
Today, the world of smart networking already looks very different, as buzzwords like “Internet of Things” are gradually becoming reality – not just for startups or high-end companies, but for small to medium-sized enterprises.

Stubbornly, the idea that machine parks need to be replaced when it comes to digitization or cloud computing persists, or the potential costs of Big Data applications seem too high.

With applications (for business and industry) such as, a SAAS (Software as a Service), it becomes possible to additively connect machines and processes that already fulfill the idea of Big Data with the Industrial Internet Of Things cloud platform.

Phoenix Contact is pursuing the approach of connecting not only the smart devices of its own production, but also third-party devices via gateway and, for example, Node-RED.

The first step towards digitization and the use of the Internet of Things is to understand which data from machines and production processes actually mean what – and this is precisely where comes into play in cloud computing: With the Device Management Service as one of the core services of the IoT platform and the more advanced smart services such as the Time Series Data Service, it is possible to visualize, understand and optimize processes. Understand data with devices, whether smart or connected to a smart gateway.

Since can be used without IT knowledge, we have provided some information for you in our comprehensive Knowledge Hub that makes using the Industrial Internet of Things Platform even easier.

Without expensive retooling, without explicit IT knowledge in the IoT area.

Small to mid-sized companies are transforming their production, their work processes and learning to use data from machine parks, industry and devices.

Find these categories and content with illustrative examples in the Knowledge Hub:


We keep you up to date on the development of the Internet of Things Platform Whether technical articles in IoT magazines, innovations on the platform or new availability of devices, in the news blog you will find up-to-date information on all relevant topics related to and the Internet of Things. We regularly edit and update thecontent in this category to ensure high quality.


in the FAQs we answer frequently asked questions about the individual Smart Services, whether management of devices or more complex situations in the other Smart Services of the IoT platform, such as the Time Series Data Service or the Service Store – here you will surely find the right answer.
Furthermore, practical examples of how to use the Smart Services and their data, as well as definitions of important vocabulary in the IoT environment are in the FAQs.
We regularly edit and update the content in this category to ensure high quality.

E-Learnings: deals with the Internet of Things. This Internet of Things takes place heavily in the browser, virtually on the Internet. Therefore, it is important for us to provide information directly on the screen, which allows an easy entry into all smart services and the platform. For example, we show how devices can be integrated on, or how you can add devices to other applications. Also learn how to display data in the Time Series Data Service in different visualization forms and edit these visualization options.
We regularly edit and update the content in this category to ensure high quality.

Technical Documentation:

The technical documentation is about the technical possibilities offered by the Internet of Things platform Learn about the devices and the concepts of connectivity to the IoT platform.
We regularly edit and update the information in this category to ensure high quality.

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