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Impulse Analytics Service

The Smart Service Impulse Analytics Service and the IoT-enabled devices ImpulseCheck are the world’s first intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the grid protection sector.

  • Detect the State of Health (SoH) for each arrester
  • Continuous overview of the status of the system and surge protection
  • More plannable maintenance operations for efficient use of resources

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Impulse Analytics Service: Surge protection monitoring and forecasting

The world’s first intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the mains protection sector

The Impulse Analytics service of the Phoenix Contact IoT platform can be used in conjunction with the IoT-enabled ImpulseCheck hardware to collect important information about the surge protector in use and its state of health. By predicting the remaining service life and availability remotely, it becomes much easier for companies to plan and carry out their maintenance work.

Maximum plant availability

Reduction of downtime

With this service, you can maximize plant availability by providing early warning of maintenance needs and minimizing unplanned downtime. Continuous monitoring of machinery and equipment gives you alerts and recommendations for preventive maintenance.

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Using digital added value and services

The cloud-based analysis of measured values enables completely new automated processes.

Combine the values of surge events in the cloud with local weather data or site information. Use the information for your logistics or export the data for your own evaluations.

Status reports at the touch of a button

Transparent, accessible, shareable

Depending on the type of installation, the IEC 62305-3 standard requires surge protective devices to be tested at specific intervals. Thanks to real-time monitoring, you know the status of the SPDs and generate status reports at the push of a button at any time – even between the prescribed test intervals. So you are perfectly informed whenever you want. | Impulse Analytics | Status Report

Impulse Analytics Service description

Combination of hardware and software

The Impulse Check surge protection assistance system offers a combination with the Smart Service Impulse Analytics Service that makes it possible to display the health status of surge protectors in the cloud.

If an overvoltage occurs (due to a lightning strike), the voltage is recorded in the Smart Service and can be analyzed later. With the Smart Service it is also possible to calculate the remaining life of resistors.

With the Smart Service it is possible to download reports as PDF and send them to customers or colleagues.

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Show the Impulse Analytics Service in the Service Store for pricing, compatibility and changelogs.

The Impulse Analytics Service is a paid Smart Service on Licenses can be booked in the Service Store for individual devices. These are valid for one year and are automatically renewed.

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