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Solutions for transparent energy generation monitoring

Gain insight into energy production and position yourself safely for the future.

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Solutions for transparent energy monitoring

Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important for companies and private individuals alike. For companies, firstly as a cheaper alternative to more expensive purchased energy, but also to comply with new legal requirements. To ensure that you can always track how effective your energy gain is, the energy measurement hardware from Phoenix Contact is ideal in combination with the IIoT platform

Knowing how much energy we generate from the sun and wind helps companies position themselves for the future and show evidence of renewable energy use.

Robert Bieber, Product Owner Phoenix Contact Smart Business

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Collect data about generated energy

With smart devices from Phoenix Contact, it is possible to install measuring units even in existing systems. Whether with the devices from the PLCnext cosmos or the IoT enabled EMpros or a simple gateway for non Phoenix Contact hardware – you can quickly and easily access the energy data and process it further.

Visualize data

The preparation of the collected data is not only very important for further processing, but also especially for the understanding of the recorded data. Efficiency of energy production or malfunctions can be detected more easily. offers various visualization options so that data can be presented in a comprehensible way – whether as a graph, a single key figure or pie charts to better understand distributions.

Create reports and gain more insights

A problem shared is a problem halved – and as far as shared knowledge is concerned: if it is shared, it grows. Create meaningful reports with, share them with colleagues and have follow-up actions taken based on your new insights.

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