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Some of the things we have in mind when it comes to developing new services in Proficloud is of course security. A lot of our customer come from an industrial background. So security is a very important feature to them.
We always keep that in mind.
On the other hand we focus on small to medium sized businesses, so a lot of them do not have dedicated IT people, so we need to make sure that people from a non technical background are able to use Proficloud without problems.
Of course our customers are trusting us with their data and that is something that is very important to us.
We make sure that their data is always encrypted.
Everything is running in secure data centers and we really make sure that no data gets lost and that nobody else can see your data.
We have different mechanisms in place that make sure that it is only, always the customer itself that can see and access their data and nobody else.

Industrial customers are aware of the importance of good data protection, so on we naturally also focus on how we encrypt your data and store it securely in the cloud. To ensure that data loss is not one of the things you have to worry about, we regularly perform backups at short intervals.

Especially those companies, that do not (yet) have specially trained IT staff to take care of data security in the cloud, can rely on with confidence. With several server locations in Germany, we not only comply with the European regulations in this area, we also ensure a very high availability throughout the year. Of course, communication with is encrypted and secured.

Through appropriate authorisation levels we also ensure that your data does not reach anyone else but you.

Because cloud only works with a stable basis that you can trust.

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