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Get to know Node-RED and

From Node-RED setup to sending health status, logs and Time Series Data to

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Get to know Node-RED and

In this e-learning you will learn the basics if you want to use Node-RED with

Besides a short introduction to Node-RED and links to the appropriate Node-RED installation guides, you will get an insight into how to install the important nodes.

Furthermore, it describes in detail how it is possible to send health status, logs or even time series data to with Node-RED.

Prior knowledge

  • Knowledge about the application you want to put in cloud context


  • Node-RED instance installed
  • Unrestricted internet connection

Content of the Node-RED and E-Learning

  • What is Node-RED and what can I do with it?
  • First HTTP-Request of
  • Manage palette – Installing additional Nodes
  • Installation of ProficloudDevice-Node
  • Set static metadata for devices in
  • Send Time Series Data to
  • Send Health Status to
  • Send Logs to