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How can I set up notifications for alerts?

  1. Open the Time Series Data Service and navigate to the “Notification channels” with a click on the “bell” in the left side navigation
  2. Click on [New channel] to set up a new notification channel.
  3. Here you have to fill in some settings:
    1. Name: Enter a descriptive name, the name will be displayed when you create a new Alert rule and choose a notification
    2. Type: Choose how the notification should be sent, for example Email, Slack, Microsoft Teams …
    3. Default:  Use this notification for all alerts
    4. Include Image: Captures an image and include it in the notification
    5. Disable Resolve Message: Disable the resolve message [OK] that is sent when alerting state returns to false
    6. Send reminders:  Send additional notifications for triggered alerts

As a reminder you can hover over the “i” symbol to receive more information

(optional): to test if the notification gets send to you click “Send Test” on the bottom.