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Uncover hidden sources of energy efficiency potential in your production (Part 1/2)

Smart Services – 5 Use Cases

Energy use in industry: Measuring and optimizing is easier than you think

All Smart Services on Macs in a row

Five real-world examples

Learn about five use cases that show practical approaches to solutions for greater efficiency, security and control.

Efficient Energy Solutions

Find out how to reduce your energy costs, increase your plant availability and optimize your processes.

The guide for your individual smart service solution

What you can expect:

  1. Use Case 1 I Cross-location overview of the machine park
  2. Use Case 2 I Discovering hidden energy-saving potential in production facilities
  3. Use Case 3 I Cool potato I finally operating cold stores efficiently
  4. Use Case 4 I Avoid the natural gas cost trap
  5. Use Case 5 I Monitor wind rotors for optimized operations
  6. One principle, a thousand possibilities I Let´s talk about the potential in your company
Proficloud - Whitepaper - 5 Usecases with Smart Services - Inner

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