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Migration guide Impulse Analytics Service will be deprecated end of September 2022. will be the replacement for and the Impulse Analytics Service will be available there.

Here is what you will need to to in order to prepare:

Compatibility check

  • Please make sure to check here if your device supports Which device can use which Smart Service?
  • Make sure that your devices have the necessary firmware in order to connect to Which device can use which Smart Service?
  • Updating the firmware of a device can in some cases lead to the loss of connectivity to as soon as the firmware is updated, please make sure to check if that is the case by reading the release notes of the firmware you’re installing.

Getting started with

  • In the process of developing, we are building on a new, extensible user management. Therefore, a new account is required to use, which can be created here: Register here
  • After your new account has been created, you will be able to add your current devices to using our new Device Management Service (DMS), which is completely free of charge and provides a lot of new features. You can find some information regarding the Device Management Service here: More about the Device Management Service
    We’ve also described how to add a new device to your account here: How do I add a device to

Data Migration

  • In case your device has been connected to before, all data of your device is imported into automatically. (Leave everything in unchanged)
  • To trigger the import, the user can either purchase a subscription when the device is online or interact with the ImpulseAnalytics web interface, after the device connected successfully to
  • All settings for the Arresters, Surges, Transients and so on are imported. Arrester and Transient import should be pretty much available in an instant, while surge import might take a while depending on the amount and length of surges.

Using ImpulseAnalytics on

  • The Impulse Analytics Service on is a paid service. The first year is free of charge. You have to book a subscription to use the specific functions of the Impulse Analytics Service. You can find some information on how to do that here: Service Store and in the FAQ section for the Service Store: FAQs Service Store The first year is free of charge.
  • FAQ for ImpulseAnalytics: FAQs Impulse Analytics Service