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DMS Basic Add-on for the Device Management Service coming soon

Use device groups to create more transparency in your company.

We are happy to present a new Smart Service – or better an add-on for the Device Management Service!

The add-on called “DMS Basic Add-on” extends the functionality of the free Device Management Service and is expected to be available for all in December 2022.

And these will be the new core elements of the add-on that can be booked per device/per year:

  1. Application updates remotely for some PLCnext devices
  2. Creation of device groups incl. customizable map (by upload) and free placeable devices in a group
  3. Notification system for health state change of individual devices with notification of individual recipients – also outside of by email sending
  4. Automatic, secure firmware update for devices that can be natively integrated on

Visit Smart Service page

On our new Smart Service page for the DMS Basic Add-on you will find more information, such as detailed listing of features as well as pricing information.