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New overview of invitations in the User Management Service

New overview of invitations in the User Management Service

With the User Management Service some new features for the Internet of Things platform “” have been added. Organizations, possibility to invite colleagues, customers or partners, role assignment to editor, admin or viewer.

We have redesigned and repositioned the user interface for invitations. Now you can simply click on the “Invitations” tab via the navigation and see all open invitations and important information (date, role, email, message). From here you can resend these invitations should your recipient not have used the option to accept (e.g. spam filter, vacation or similar) or delete them should they simply no longer be needed.

This pulls a core function into the obvious area of the User Management Service, making it even more intuitive and user-friendly to use. What are you waiting for? Invite your colleagues, customers or partners to your organization and make something of your data.

What is the User Management Service?

User Management Service - Powered by

Comprehensive user, role and permission management with the User Management Service

With the Smart Service it is possible to invite users to a organization and assign them a specific role. Permissions across the individual Smart Services on the IIoT platform are defined by said roles.

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