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Openness must be lived – New features in the EMMA Service thanks to PLCnext

Proficloud - EMMA Service - Usage of different media and performance improvements

Since a few weeks the EMMA service can accept and process data from other devices. In particular, this initially involves devices from the PLCnext cosmos of Phoenix Contact as gateways. An app can now be installed on the controllers (without the need for PLCnext Engineer) using the PLCnext Store, which can read data from third-party energy measuring devices and send it to – this is accompanied by a significant expansion of the functionality in the Smart Service on

The developers of the EMMA Service improve the Smart Service so that now a variety of different media can be displayed and processed. Water, gas, thermal energy, steam are only a few of the new media you are able to visualize in the EMMA Service. Incoming media can be conveniently defined with preselected units, so that nothing stands in the way of easily setting up new widgets.

Furthermore, there are performance and usability improvements, as users of the Smart Service can now set the individual media and let the system work with them granularly. Meters in the EMMA Service can now be changed while in use, rather than just being added or removed.

Ideally, anyone who handles data should always know when data last arrived. With a small but effective change in the individual widgets, this process is now easier than ever for users. With detailed messages about when, for example, data was last sent to and a corresponding jump label to this date, the smart service solves a hurdle in the daily work with energy data.

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