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Project Climate bOWL – official Kickoff meeting ended successfully 🚀

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Project Climate bOWL - official Kickoff meeting ended successfully

With great partners, SICP-Software Innovation Campus Paderborn, University of Paderborn, Bielefeld University, NTT Data Business Solutions AG, GEA Westfalia Separator, Miele & Cie. KG, BENTELER Group, CLAAS and Prognos AG, the kickoff meeting got of to a great start. Getting together for one common goal: The development of innovativ solutions, such as an intelligent assistance system, that are trend-setting for the transformation of industrial sectors towards CO2-neutral production.

Our Product Owner for the EMMA Service (Energy Monitoring, Management, Analytics) Merryl Rolan DMello  travelled to Paderborn and had the opportunity to talk about our know-how for the implementation of the appropriate data acquisition and monitoring system.

“The Climate bOWL kickoff was a really great experience. The consortium that has come together, given the different industries, domains and the involvement of multiple companies, which were earlier working separately and now have become collaborators for a cause to bring a sustainable future. I look forward to more engagements to happen like this in the future and to some exciting results to come about” reports Merryl DMello about the kickoff meeting.