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Sensors: You can only manage what you measure

Revolutionize your data collection and achieve targeted and efficient manufacturing with the power of sensors. Discover how innovative solutions from Phoenix Contact, like the Data Collection Box, make it easy to retrofit existing systems and unlock invaluable insights without the need for expensive and time-consuming interventions.

Collecting data:

For this you need suitable sensors in the plant or in the field. They form the basis for targeted data collection. By sensor we mean any type of data source in the shop floor (workshop or production). Ultimately, any device that measures a relevant variable can become a useful sensor on the shop floor, for example distance sensors, temperature measuring devices, light barriers, level indicators or entire machines, as they usually have a sensor built in.

We place a special focus on sustainable manufacturing companies that want to improve their energy management to ultimately save energy or become CO2-neutral. With our multifunctional EMpro energy measuring devices, current and voltage transducers and other products, energy data can be recorded and forwarded quickly, in a targeted manner. You benefit from fast commissioning and monitoring options using smart web service and display functions.

If no sensors exist or the connection is missing, the existing systems need to be retrofitted. However, this means extensive intervention and a change to a machine. In addition to the high cost, this can lead to a production standstill and, in some cases, to the loss of certifications and approvals.

But what now?

In this case, the Phoenix Contact Data Collection Box solution is ideal for an efficient integration. The compact housing accommodates a combination of a PLCnext Control and an Ethernet I/O Controller, which connects digital and analogue signals from the sensor and actuator level with the IP network (TCP/IP, BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP), and measuring modules. The box allows quick and easy installation on existing machines and systems.

Important for industry: A Data Collection Box can be installed with so little intervention on a running system that no recertification of a machine or similar is required.

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