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Usability Improvements and third party databases – new features for the EMMA Service

Proficloud - EMMA Service - New Features - Device Search and connectivity to third party database FI

We are very happy that at the beginning of the year we can again introduce new features for the EMMA Service on The more our users engage with the Smart Service, the more feedback we receive – which we then of course incorporate for everyone’s benefit.

We have increased usability and introduced full-text search for the different energy meters, so that both devices in the active dashboard and devices used in other dashboards can be filtered. This allows users to build and work with dashboards even faster.

Furthermore, it is now possible to connect external databases to the EMMA Service. Talk to us if you want to use this feature and we will be happy to advise you on which elements to consider.

Besides that we unified the appearance of elements in the EMMA Service, so as an user you only have to learn how something looks and what functionality you can expect once – just like in the rest of the IIoT platform.