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Product description

  1. Altogether, Proficloud is a multi-client capable system which comprises the following services:
    1. The Proficloud time series data (TSD) service allows customers to send machine data into Proficloud, where it is stored and can be visualized and analyzed using the TSD Analytics service. Time series data can be sent into Proficloud using hardware provided by Phoenix Contact, such as the Cloud IoT Gateway or PLCnext devices. Additionally, Phoenix Contact also provides an SDK and a REST API for sending data into Proficloud, both of which can be provided upon request.
    2. The proficloud device management service (DMS) enables customers to connect their devices to proficloud in order to view information about their devices, including health status, logs, and static information such as the serial number.The DMS also allows customers to remotely update the firmware of their devices.
    3. With the ImpulseAnalytics service, the state-of-health of your surge protection, can be called up online at any time. In addition to monitoring the surge protection devices, ImpulseAnalytics also offers a simple and comprehensive analysis of the system EMC. Possible disturbance variables are detected before there is a failure in the system, making it easier to plan service and maintenance operations.
    4. The EMMA Service (Energy, Monitoring, Management, Analytics) is tailored to the needs of Energy Managers and provides a plethora of visualization options to help understand energy and power data. It is based upon the data acquisition via Phoenix Contact’s IoT-enabled EMpros and data storage in
  2. Proficloud is a web-based application that generally also allows
    1. to register and administer clients and their authorized employees or representatives as users,
    2. to register Proficloud devices as well as to configure their connection within the Proficloud.
  3. As part of the Proficloud Services, Phoenix Contact shall enable customer to access the web-based portal application in the generally available version provided by Phoenix Contact under
  4. At its discretion, Phoenix Contact shall be entitled to change or update Proficloud, whereby such modification may not lead to a significant negative deviation from the service description of the Proficloud Services specified in this Proficloud agreement
  5. Phoenix Contact is obliged to keep the Proficloud Services ready and make them available for customer for use via the internet. The Proficloud Services shall be accessible for customer via the internet in accordance with these terms of use. The Proficloud Services shall be available to 98% in a monthly average (30 days). Demarcation point with which the availability is measured shall be the WAN-oriented base point of the data center used for the provision of the Proficloud Services. Maintenance time pursuant to § 5 (2) is to be deducted from the “target availability” when calculating the availability. Phoenix Contact is obliged to monitor the Proficloud Services and the availability of the servers needed for the respective Proficloud use.
  6. It should be noted that Proficloud is a multi-client system and customer cannot claim the provision of a dedicated physical Proficloud system for his exclusive personal use.
  7. This Proficloud agreement does not include an internet access for customer, but only the internet connection of Proficloud.
  8. Phoenix Contact in particular points out that while using Proficloud it may also be possible to access applications that are not subject to this Proficloud agreement but to own terms of use. Where this is the case, the customer will be informed about it separately. The use of these other applications shall only be possible after the customer has confirmed the relevant terms of use.