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User Management Service

The User Management Service allows users to be invited to organizations and granted individual permissions.

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Invite users to your organization and grant access on different levels.

  • Invite people to your organization
  • Make use of predefined roles, such as Admin, Editor or Viewer
  • Create new organizations
  • Use different locations with one login

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New functionalities of the User Management Service

  • General design changes to achieve usability and future compatibility
  • Moved invitation from organization settings to User Management Service
  • List of pending invitations
  • Pending invitations provide important information, such as date of invitation, invitee email, role, and message
  • Invitations can be resent through a link
  • Invitations can be withdrawn

  • Introduction of the User Management Service
  • Introduction of organizations within
  • Users can be part of different, multiple organizations
  • Introduction of roles
  • Permissions of users are based on roles
  • Three predefined roles: Admin, Editor, Viewer with different permissions
  • Billing and Subscription are moved to organization settings

About the User Management Service

The team introduces the User Management Service. With this new Core Smart Service, you as a user can be a member of multiple organizations. For example, create organizations for your customers, partners or to simply test new features independently from a main organization.

Invite new users to your organizations and assign them a role. The entire user and permission management is based on roles – so by assigning them to a role, you can easily ensure that the invitee has exactly the rights they need. No more and no less.

With the initial release of the User Management Service, three different roles are available:


Users with this role can use in such a way that they have access to all content, but cannot change it. This role is ideal to give access to colleagues, partners or customers to get to know and your settings without accidentally changing anything.


Users with this role can do everything that viewers can do. They can perform some critical actions (e.g. firmware updates in Device Management Service).


Users with this role can use all features and are not restricted. For example, they can also sign up for new subscriptions, delete devices or dashboards, and invite new users.

Screenshots, Tutorials, Videos of the User Management Service

  • The overview of all roles and the users assigned to them shows at first glance how many users hold a role.
    The overview of all roles and the users assigned to them shows at first glance how many users hold a role.

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