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Technical Documentation: Architecture


The following two diagrams give a general overview about the architecture of the Proficloud and our Cloud Connector SDK with focus of their corresponding user perspective.


The user focus of the Proficloud is the customer’s end user, which is using the Smart Services, like EMMA, and directly or indirectly the Core Services, like User Management or Billing.

Underneath those services we find the technological base for Proficloud in the Core IoT Platform, which is especially responsible for the connectivity between device and cloud, our Scalable Kubernetes Cluster, where all services are running on and which is there for scaling the Proficloud in respect to connected users and devices, and AWS as our cloud provider.

Proficloud Architecture with a focus on the cloud side of

Cloud Connector SDK

The users of our Cloud Connector SDK are the firmware developers of the devices which shall be connected to Proficloud, or to “any Cloud”.

To them a lot of functionality is offered via the API of the SDK, e.g. for sending Time Series Data or State of Health information and doing a remote Firmware Update.

All the functionality is offered when using Proficloud with the SDK. But you can also choose several other cloud provider, like AWS, MS Azure or Siemens Mindsphere. In that cases we offer the function to bring your IoT-Data to the door of the individual cloud provider, e.g. in AWS into the IoT Core service. This is what we call “anyCloud”.

Proficloud Architecture