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Transparency is something that is very important to us. Sow we split Proficloud into a publicly accessible part that gives some first information about what Proficloud is about, what are the advantages, what can I use it for.
We have a news area in Proficloud that is all about giving people more information. There is information regarding, what happened in the last release, what are we currently working on and which direction is Proficloud going.
As I said earlier, making Proficloud easy to understand, easy to use is one of our main goals, but of course we are dealing with different people and it always happens, that there are still some additional questions. For that case we do have a little FAQ area that answers most questions related to how the services work, how billing work and everything else.
In Proficloud we have, what we call the “Service Store”, which is all about giving users information, what kind of services are available.
That includes, what is the service even used for, with which kind of devices does it work and of course, how much does it cost. It is important to use that people know what they are buying, before they are buying it. In the service store we try to make it accessible as possible, we have different videos available, we show screenshots to they really can get to know the service and if they chose to pay for it, they do actually know, what they are getting for their money.
And then of course there is the area for restricted users, where we can find the actual services and where people can make actually use of their devices and of the data they offer.

To offer the easiest way to get new knowledge and learn about the services for, we have divided into two areas.

The public part is where you can find news, changelogs, or frequently asked questions and the Smart Service Store.

In the internal part of you can use the service so that only you have access to your data.

The public part must inform you about all the features and requirements of before you register (free of charge) on, so that you can find your way around as soon as you register.

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