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When I open up the Device Management Service I immediately got to see a list of devices I have already added to Proficloud. That gives me some basic information about the current state of devices and the next thing I am going to see it the map right next to it.
The map allows me to have an overview of where my devices are actually located and also gives me some basic information about whether they are still working or not.
When I open up a device, the first thing I am going to see is the “Health Tab”. That is going to show me some basic information about is the device still working as intended, is it only, are there any problems.
We do have a little notification area that is going to show me different news about the device, for example is a new firmware update available.
We also have, what we call “Information Tab”, that mainly deals with displaying static information, so that can be things like the address of the device, the currently installed firmware version, the name of the device, but also tags.
Our features such as the description field and the tagging feature help customers from different industries being able to organize their devices and accurately see the information that is relevant to them. So the description field could contain information such as who is responsible for the device, when it was last updated or give some more specific information about where it is located.
Our “Services Tab” is meant to give a look at the different services we have available to our devices. Lot of the devices we have available in Proficloud do not just connect to one service but to multiple.
If you want to see your time series data of your PLCnext control, you can just go to the services tab, click on the TSD Service and you are going to be immediately taken to that service so you can see your device data in a different service.
The “Log Tab” is meant to give more specific information in case I want to debug a problem for example. Let us say: I look at my device and I see there is some kind of a problem – I then can go and open the log tab. It is going to tell me what happened on the device, we do have the actual device logs coming straight from the device.
On top of that we are also able to add some manual entries. So in case somebody updates the firmware or somebody replaced a part or whatever, they can add a manual entry and give some information about what happened.
The “Firmware Tab” is really quite self explanatory. It is all about showing the current state of the firmware and being able to update the firmware of the devices you have connected to Proficloud.

The Device Management Service for Phoenix Contact devices offers standardized, application-independent device information in real time on Proficloud.

No more wasting time having to visit your facilities with personnel to assess the health status of the facility. A quick look into the Device Management of the Proficloud is enough. Each status message of each hardware device is translated into plain text, so you don’t need expert knowledge to understand it. Save resources, time and money.

Furthermore, the Device Management Service allows you to keep the device firmware up to date, so you can be sure that the devices are always provided with the latest security patches and performance improvements.

You can quickly and easily get an overview of several locations and plan measures based on Device Management. The Device Management Service within the Proficloud is free of charge and thus offers a perfect cost/benefit calculation. Register your Phoenix Contact hardware in the Device Management of the Proficloud today.

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