Booking a Smart Service in the Service Store of

To book a Smart Service in’s Service Store, you need to enrich your account with the appropriate billing information. This information is requested on when it is needed for the next steps, so you will get a pop up that asks for billing information if you try to book a service without set up billing information. You only need to enter your billing information once and you can change it at any time in settings.

Billing data required to book a Smart Service

  • Company name
  • First- and Lastname
  • Street and number
  • ZIP-Code and City
  • Country
  • Email-address (to which the confirmation will be sent)
  • Optional: Phoenix Contact customer number, if available

The booking process of a Smart Service on

In the checkout you have the opportunity to check all entered data and change them if necessary. You also get the opportunity to enter your own order number, so that you can always find the booking in your records properly.

Your contractual partner will usually be the PHOENIX CONTACT subsidiary in your country. This information will also be displayed to you in the checkout process.

After you have read and accepted the Software License Terms of PHOENIX CONTACT, you can complete the booking. You will receive a booking confirmation via email directly after the booking with all necessary information about the subscription you made.

You will receive a booking confirmation via email directly after the booking.

Getting the invoice

Your contract partner will send you an invoice by e-mail within a few working days after the order. On this invoice you will find the customary tax rates.You can then pay this invoice as usual. The Smart Service can be used immediately after booking.

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