Make data visible in a panel

To actually display data in the Time Series Data Service (regardless of the visualization option, we’ll start with the default visualization), you need to add a new panel in your new dashboard and click [+ Add new panel]. This will open the panel in a new window where you can perform the many setup options.

Probably the most important setting you need to make is to assign the data the device sends to to this panel.

For this you must first select the data source, this happens in the area under the visualization (if you have not yet made any settings in relation to the data, a demo visualization is displayed here), in the tab “Query”. In the “Query” tab, click on the drop-down button labeled “- Grafana -“ and select the correct data source here. For the data source is called “db-5044941e-ba0a-4bfe-b172-23b60fe6ce“.

After clicking on this database, the demo visualization disappears and some more setting options appear under the data source.

To display the data you have to click on the [+] next to “WHERE” and select “UUIDs”. Then you can click on [select tag value] to select one of your UUUIDs (one of your devices).

Then you need to click on [Select measurement] to the left of “WHERE” and there you can select one of your metrics (a data stream sent from your selected device into

Important: The order is crucial, otherwise you will not be able to select metrics.

You can add another metric (same device or different device) to this panel at any time, just click [+ query] below the already added metric.

Now repeat the steps described above, you will now see a second line in your graph.

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