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Export and import dashboards

You can export and import the dashboards in the Time Series Data Service. For example, it is possible to share the “Dashboard blueprint” with a colleague without them needing access to your account.

Export a Time Series Data dashboard

Simply open one of your dashboards and click on the [Share icon] in the top row right next to the dashboard name, then select the [Export] tab and click on [Save to file]. The JSON file that is now downloaded can be used in any other account with the Time Series Data Service.

Import a Time Series Data dashboard

If you have received a Dashboard JSON file, you can easily insert it into your Time Series Data Service. To do this, click on the [+] in the left navigation column and click on [Upload JSON file]. Now you simply select the JSON file on your computer and upload it.

In the next step you must change the name of the dashboard, as well as change the UID of the dashboard, otherwise existing dashboards with the same UID will be overwritten.