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Is my data secure?

Vulnerability scanning

We are using an web-application vulnerability scanner (Automated security and asset monitoring) to monitor the web-apps for potential takeovers and remediate security bugs in staging and production as soon as they are known and we are using products for automatically prove our code quality & code security.

Hardening techniques

We apply different hardening practices (like i.e. use of service packs, automatic dependency checks, patches & patch-mgmt, etc.) for our service-containers

GDPR compliance is completely GDPR compliant, thereby conforming to the highest data privacy standards.

Operating system

All our virtual servers are based on Linux, increasing the resiliency of our cloud system. 

Spectre/Meltdown & know CPU security vulnerabilities

Infrastructure has been updated with these new protections, and no customer action is required at the infrastructure level.

Permission / user management

We‘re looking on rolling out a sophisticated permission management system throughout 2021, allowing companies fine-grained controls over what users are capable of accessing. 

Password policy

High security passwords are enforced by the platform. In general the password needs at least 10 characters, upper & lowercase letters, number(s) and special character(s).

Public key infrastructure

We are using EJBCA as PKI for all tenants in, allowing us to revoke potentially compromised certificates whenever needed.

Secure bidirectional device communication

CA signed remote commands are used regarding the connected devices. All communication is encrypted using TLS 1.2 and client certificate authentication.

Secure firmware update process for devices

Hardened firmware update process for devices with IEC 62443 measures.


All connections between users and devices to proficloud are encrypted using TLS 1.2. 

Data centers

Phoenix Contact Smart Business uses dedicated aws data centers for running guaranteeing an industry leading security level for customers.