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How do I add or edit an Alert in the Time Series Data Service?

  1. Navigate to the panel you want to add or edit an alert rule for, click the title, and then click [Edit].
  2. On the Alert tab, click [Create Alert]. If an alert already exists for this panel, then you can just edit the fields on the Alert tab.
  3. Fill out the fields.
    1. Name: Enter a descriptive name. The name will be displayed in the Alert Rules list.
    2. Evaluate every: Specify how often the scheduler should evaluate the alert rule.
    3. For: Specify for how long the query needs to violate the configured thresholds before the alert notification triggers
  4. Now choose your conditions, specify a query
    1. When: Controls how the values for each series are reduced to a value that can be compared against the threshold. Click on the function to change it to another function.
    2. Of: Specify a time range. The letter defines what query to execute from the Query tab. “(A,5m,now)” means 5 minutes ago to now. You can also do ”(A,10m,now-2m)” to define a time range that will be 10 minutes ago to 2 minutes ago.
    3. Is Above: Defines the type pf threshold and the threshold value. You can click to change the type of threshold.
  5. You can now set the ways of how you want to be notified in the “Notifications” area.
    1. With a Click on the [ + ] right next to “Send to” you can chose a notification way
    2. Fill in the message you want to get in case a threshold is violated.
    3. Tags: Specify a list of tags to be included in the notification