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Data-Driven Optimization Made Simple

Efficient and seamless communication between devices, sensors, and the cloud is the key to data-driven optimization of processes. But how do we achieve this harmonious connection? How can we ensure a reliable communication between devices through cable and air – and in one language?

Here is step 4 of 4 essential steps to reaching that goal:

Data-Driven Optimization Made Simple

Prioritizing Data Streams with TSN

With devices now connected via SPE, WLAN, or 5G, we encounter another hurdle – orchestrating simultaneous communication. The answer lies in Time Sensitive Networks (TSN). TSN prioritizes data streams and maintains order, catering to individual requirements such as low latency for enhanced security.

Conclusion: A Unified and Efficient Network Infrastructure

To optimize processes and drive innovation, businesses must establish a unified and efficient network infrastructure. By combining technologies like SPE, 5G, OPC UA, and TSN, companies can achieve data-driven optimization and ensure smooth, synchronized communication.

The future of efficient data-driven processes is here. Embrace the power of cable and air, and let your devices speak one language for unparalleled performance.

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