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Data-Driven Optimization Made Simple

Efficient and seamless communication between devices, sensors, and the cloud is the key to data-driven optimization of processes. But how do we achieve this harmonious connection? How can we ensure a reliable communication between devices through cable and air – and in one language?

Here is step 3 of 4 essential steps to reaching that goal:

Data-Driven Optimization Made Simple

Speaking the Same Language: OPC UA

Even if devices are integrated via steps 1 and 2, a new challenge arises – the diverse languages used for sensor communication. To facilitate seamless interaction, gateways come into play, acting as translators. In the industrial context, OPC UA (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture) is often used as the common language. This platform-independent communication standard ensures standardized communication from machines to the cloud, streamlining production.

Stay tuned for step 4 or read our free Introductory Guide right away: