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Data-Driven Optimization Made Simple

Efficient and seamless communication between devices, sensors, and the cloud is the key to data-driven optimization of processes. But how do we achieve this harmonious connection? How can we ensure a reliable communication between devices through cable and air – and in one language?

Here is step 1 of 4 essential steps to reaching that goal:

Data-Driven Optimization Made Simple

Wired Connections Made Cost-Effective with SPE

Integrating sensors and actuators into the network via Ethernet can be costly. Using Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) can be a game-changing solution. With just one pair of wires, SPE enables continuous and cost-effective Ethernet communication all the way to the sensor. This economic integration of simple sensors and actuators ensures a cost-effective data-driven approach.

Stay tuned for step 2 or read our free Introductory Guide right away: