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EMMA Service: New Features and Improvements - EMMA Service - Update 1.11 - Energy Rates available

Once again, the time has come for the EMMA Service to receive new features – based on market requirements and user feedback.

User-friendliness has not been neglected in this update either – widgets can now be opened in full screen, filled with data more quickly and even made publicly accessible. If a display of a widget does not quite meet the user’s expectations, he can now change the visualization “on the fly” – with one click. The same basically applies to the order of the individual widgets, as this can now also be conveniently changed via drag and drop.

The option to give the widgets their own names also provides greater clarity – to tailor the Smart Service even more closely to the requirements of an energy manager. The widgets are now also enriched with information on costs and CO2 emissions.

Of course, this update has a lot more to offer, just take a look at the changelog:

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