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Entry into now even easier – with new Onboarding

Entry into now even easier - with new Onboarding

Learning always means dealing with Something. Often this is not so easy, because besides the energy, there is a lack of time and a lack of muse.

As a rule, it is better to learn through dialog – i.e. not by staring at the screen or a speaker and trying to memorize what is shown, but by “learning by doing”.

It is important to have a sense of achievement, which gives learning a positive character, because then it is easier for us to remember what we have learned.

The Industrial Internet of Things platform from Phoenix Contact is ideally designed so that anyone can quickly understand and use it. However, optional onboarding makes sense in any case.

For example, we are currently developing an interactive onboarding that guides the user through the smart services and provides direct support during setup. Analogously, you could imagine these onboardings as a colleague or a friend sitting next to you and pointing exactly where you have to click next and explaining the action that follows there. This is exactly how onboarding is structured.

Onboardings are divided into the following types:

Overview Guides

Explanations and introductions to the user interface of a smart service are performed by highlighting certain areas and explaining them. In doing so, the user can always move back and forth in the explanations so that he can adapt the learning to his exact pace.

Interactive Guides

Actions that can be performed in the Smart Service are gone through step by step and when explained, the user can perform the actions directly. This saves the user time when setting up and taking the first steps in the Smart Service and, with “learning by doing”, quickly becomes an expert for the Smart Service.