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Hackathon Berlin - MORYX & Phoenix Contact Smart Business

Hackathon Berlin – MORYX & Phoenix Contact Smart Business

24 participants, good food, 3 groups, lively conversations and creative approaches – the hackathon of MORYX Industry and Phoenix Contact Smart Business offers everything it takes for new ideas.

Hackathon Berlin - MORYX & Phoenix Contact Smart Business

The 24 participants (from students to programmers to company executives) get to know each other right at the beginning during short conversations until Mathias Weßelmann (Phoenix Contact) and Lutz Steinleger (MORYX Industry) introduce the event. They present the goal of linking the two company branches in a meaningful way with joint projects and thus creating real added value for customers of both companies – from edge computing to the cloud. Combined with small demonstrations of the companies’ individual areas of activity, all attendees will be brought up to a level of knowledge and then it’s time to get started.

Based on the topics of interest, several teams are formed independently to work on topics such as (a cross-platform notification system for industrial use cases or the question of how work steps can be compared and transferred across locations via a cloud system). The local conditions are used to the best advantage and the groups spread out in the sun-drenched courtyard or work briskly in the air-conditioned rooms of the machine room. Snacks, chilled drinks and coffee ensure that the participants don’t run out of energy – scheduled until 6:00 p.m. on the first day, some participants extend the scheduled time because they “don’t want to call it a day at a hackathon at 6:00 p.m.” and continue working on their ideas.

The first evening of the hackathon, after a productive, creative and interesting day, will end with a pizza party and after-work drinks.

Day 2 – Discussion, project work and presentation of results

Hackathon Berlin - MORYX & Phoenix Contact Smart Business

If you take a look at the Hackathon’s location in the machine room in the capital from 9:00 a.m. on the second day, you’ll see groups discussing their ideas, whiteboards that continue to fill up, and lively conversations. The atmosphere is filled with ideas and creativity and the one or other laugh – not even the intermittent bad weather can detract from that. The participants continue to work on their projects so that they can present their ideas in the early afternoon – the heads of MORYX Industry and Phoenix Contact Smart Business are sure that the ideas and smaller projects that have been created fit well into the environment of the companies and that profitable realizations will manifest themselves. The hackathon is a complete success, delivers very good ideas, approaches and last but not least new connections between the companies.

What the heads of MORYX Industry and Phoenix Contact Smart Business say

“MORYX and, what belongs together is growing together. At our joint hackathon, further interesting use cases were identified and ultimately implemented. I think our customers will be able to enjoy even more exciting functions and use cases in the context of factory automation in the future. And of course, and perhaps most importantly, fun was not neglected.”

– Mathias Weßelmann, Head of Phoenix Contact Smart Business

Hackathon Berlin - MORYX & Phoenix Contact Smart Business - Lutz Steinleger

“We actually just wanted to go to Berlin to meet our friends from Phoenix Contact Smart Business. However, what awaited us there in terms of shared fun, new technical perspectives and co-innovation spirit was simply mega. Oh, and by the way, we built the digital future of sustainable factories. Our customers will soon benefit in a very practical way from the IIoT platform and the open MORYX Platform and thus from the future of connected factories, with which they will easily detect and leverage optimization potentials.”

– Lutz Steinleger, Head of MORYX Industry