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Interruption-free work or: “Focus mode” available

Phoenix Contact Smart Business - Proficloud - Optimization of usability and focus mode

In addition to new features that are regularly published on, our UI/UX designers and usability-enthusiastic colleagues are particularly happy when usability can be increased. This involves, for example, general improvements to the usability of the platform.

October 2023 is the month when we are be able to present users with a virtually distraction-free desktop in the Device Management Service, EMMA Service, and Charge Repay Service admin interface.

In addition to optimizing the size of some elements, the navigation can now be collapsed on the left side to save space. This is especially valuable for Smart Services like the EMMA service with large graphs. This way, more screen space is reserved for the really important things – the data.

The settings for creating and managing organizations is now also cleaned up and improved with a search for the created organizations. In the future we will of course also work on further optimizations here!

We wish: Happy analyzing data and are looking forward to the feedback of our users!