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Intuitive use and integration of non Phoenix Contact devices on with Node-RED

With the new update, virtual devices can be created on with a few clicks and used for e.g. Node-RED applications.

The Device Management Service has received a new update.

In the past, when a third-party device needed to be integrated into, support had to manually set up a so-called virtual device. Due to increased user requests, we have now implemented the creation of virtual devices natively in the Device Management Service, so that a virtual device can be created within a few seconds.

Note: A virtual device acts like a gateway and is usually controlled and supplied with data by Node-RED. With Node-RED, data can be sent to easily and effectively – through the nodes and instructions provided by, this can even change the Traffic Light displays and add logs. So almost the full potential of the Device Management Service can be used.

You can use for free and start to use third party devices now.