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Online now! The Service Store on

Book Smart Services and get the full access to digital value-added services of IIoT – it has never been easier!

The Service Store on offers an effective and easy way to make the first steps into the world of the Industrial Internet of Things.
The Service Store on offers an effective and easy way to make the first steps into the world of the Industrial Internet of Things.

For the first time ever, we have launched a web-shop on that enables you to directly book all Smart Services available for Phoenix Contact hardware. Book Smart Services via the Service Store – quickly, easily, and efficiently.

100% Transparency: Intuitive web-shop design and easy booking of Smart Services 

The Service Store concept offers much more than a pure “web store”. Besides the clear navigational structure and intuitive webs shop design, the added value of the Service Store on focuses on detailed information on each Smart Service, its functionalities and pricing models.  

100% Easy: Benefit from the full scope of digitalization – even with very limited or no technical knowledge or IT resources 

The booking process is designed to be simple and easy-to-understand, so that (like the Smart Services on the Service Store can be used by customers without technical know-how. This is especially interesting for small and medium sized companies that usually have no own or limited IT resources. 

You are interested in Smart Services, but are not sure yet how you will benefit from them? In order to help you to make the right booking decision we offer free test capacities for each Smart Service. Convince yourself of the quality and benefit of and the Smart Services without having to commit to any kind of contract obligation on from the start on.  

Don’t wait for “delivery” or approvals, dive into the world of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), without any obligations, because you have the possibility to use a free, without any obligation trial period for every Smart Service on 

Once you have decided for a Smart Service, you can easily connect it to your device and – so you can directly benefit from the full advantages of digitaliziation! 

What are Smart Services about?

Smart Services are easy-to-use, standardized, and scalable cloud services for industrial environments, that especially empower small and medium sized companies to take full advantage of digitalization. With the help of Smart Services based on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach you will be able to manage maintenance and operations processes as efficient as possible. 

Take back control of operations and maintenance: Reduce downtimes, increase availability, rely on data-driven decisions, set up individual alerts and save real money and time in your daily business! Get full transparency on machine and device data for status, monitoring and set up basis for predictive analytics – from anywhere, at anytime.  

Functionalities & Information Included

  • All available Smart Services are listed
  • Clear communication of use cases and advantages
  • Free quotas or free test possibilities for each Smart Service
  • Clear and easy to understand pricing structure, based on customer needs
  • Changelog of each Smart Service
  • Sneak peek of every Smart Service thanks to screenshots and multimedia content
  • List of all compatible devices in a short and easy to understand overview

Interested? Start today and create your free account today in order to test the Service Store and Smart Services.

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Online now! The Service Store on

Service Store


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