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Uncover hidden sources of energy efficiency potential in your production (Part 1/2)

Uncover hidden sources of energy efficiency potential in your production (Part 2/2)

EMMA Service, powered by, enables remote energy data analysis via IoT devices, supporting energy management, compliance, and sustainable production. Features include monitoring, setting boundaries, and tracking assembly group energy consumption.

The first part of this article describes the important role of energy as a resource and energy efficiency in production. Energy consumption must be reduced in order to produce energy-efficiently. To do this, production data must be linked to energy data and must be analyzed. The first part of this article poses the key questions that manufacturing companies ask themselves on the way to energy efficiency. This part of the article now offers a comprehensive solution with the EMMA service as an answer to all these questions. has created the EMMA Service to realize an energy-efficient production. This enables remote data access of energy and power data using the IoT-enabled measuring devices of Phoenix Contact. You can monitor, analyze, and evaluate the data with the help of diverse visualization options including statistical values. For example, it is possible to:

  • Decide your boundaries (Plant, multiple plants, entire company, countries, global)
  • Choose year for baseline
  • Decide recording energy type by fuel source including renewables
  • Choose product grouping units e.g. pieces of boxes, pallets
  • Calculate energy of your baseline year
  • Track and report continously
  • analyze exactly how much energy a device measures
  • determine the energy consumption per assembly group and at different assembly times (during active production times and in standby times, after the end of production or on weekends)
  • compare the number of pieces produced with the energy consumed (kWh)
  • use key energy performance indicators (EnPI) and benchmarks to evaluate all machines. These key figures provide an indication of how well energy management is implemented and whether you comply with requirements set by your government or by a standard.
  • get notified as soon as a limit value is exceeded so that you can optimize your processes and productions in a timely manner and limit your energy usage
  • create day-by-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month reports that you can enrich with units produced
  • use multiple dashboards and prepare your energy data in a way that is easy to understand and use
  • forecast the expected load profile so that you are able to negotiate your contract with the energy supplier

The EMMA Service can be used without restriction for all industries. It provides secure communication between the IoT-enabled energy meters by Phoenix Contact and the cloud using TLS encryption and the MQTT protocol. The solution is expandable and flexible so that you can quickly adapt it to new market requirements. It also supports the check step of the so-called PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) according to the international standard ISO 50 001!


  • Identify SEUs (Significant Energy Use)
  • Calculate a baseline for reference

To make your production energy efficient, you need to decrease the energy consumption of your plants, machines, and processes. This step requires you to link energy and production data so that you can analyze it and derive actions. The Smart Service EMMA – powered by gathers all the necessary data and displays it in such a way that you can easily evaluate it. Thus, you can answer the key questions concerning energy efficiency and quickly implement changes to your processes. It is also possible to document your energy management actions and meet legal requirements. In this way, you create a sustainable production that is ready for the future!

Do you have any questions about or the EMMA Service? Please contact us or learn more about the platform by creating a free!