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Unlocking the Power of Machine Data with Smart Services – powered by

In today’s data-driven and interconnected world, leveraging machine data for informed decision-making is crucial. Our Smart Services empower companies to extract valuable insights and optimize operations. Let’s explore our top five Smart Services and see how they drive better decisions:

Unlocking the Power of Machine Data with Smart Services
  1. Device Management Service: Real-time access to device information, alerts for changes or malfunctions, centralized firmware updates for peak efficiency.
  2. Time Series Data Service: Access, monitor, and record process data, analyze long-term trends, proactive alerts for threshold values.
  3. Impulse Analytics Service: Cloud-based surge protection health status overview, better service life prediction, proactive issue handling.
  4. EMMA Service: Modern energy management with IoT-capable EMpro energy meters, identify energy-saving opportunities, customized alerts.
  5. User Management Service: Streamlined user organization, role-based access, secure data access for collaboration.

Like Steroids for Device Management

The DMS Basic Add-on enhances the Device Management Service with distributed system control, automatic updates, health status notifications, and more for increased efficiency.

Unleash the full potential of your machine data with Smart Services. Monitor machine health, analyze process data, predict surge protection needs and manage energy consumption for smart decisions that drive growth.

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