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User Management Service will be available from 25/03/2022

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User Management Service is now available

From 25/03/2022, the User Management Service will be available for all users. This will make it possible to invite colleagues, partners or customers to an organization and grant them full or limited rights to the Smart Services.

As a user, you can also be a member of multiple organizations – with one login – thanks to new functionalities. Take advantage of the new developments on to adapt the IIoT platform even better to your needs!

Permission and Roles Management

These functions are included in the User Management Service for Permission and Roles Management:

  • accounts are renamed to “organizations”. Each user is initial administrator (Admin) in his own organization
  • Users can be members of multiple organizations
  • Admins can invite users to the organizations in which they themselves are admin
  • Users can have one of three different roles
  • Users can be removed from organizations by admins

Usage scenarios for the User Management Service

Invite your colleagues into your organization and assign them different roles. For example, do you have colleagues who mainly work in maintenance? Then they may only need one view access. Then you, nor your colleagues, will have to worry about them accidentally deleting or changing something.

Look into the future

We are of course already working on the extension for the User Management Service. In the future, this means that you will be able to make the roles even more granular. You will also be able to create your own roles. These roles can then also grant permissions to individual devices or elements of the Smart Services.

How to use the User Management Service

The use of the User Management Service is very simple. Nevertheless, we have collected some questions for you here that were already frequently asked during development:

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