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Impulse Analytics Service

The Impulse Analytics Service enables you to view the „State of Health“ of each individual arrester. You get the actual load at all times of the smart devices and recognize the remaining service lifetime (state-of-health). This enables you to act before a Surge Protective Device (SPD) fails. 

Starts at € 39.00

Pricing of the Impulse Analytics Service

Free 1 year trial


€ 39

per year and device¹

Keeping the pulse of your system

  • First year free of charge
  • Continuous monitoring of the system’s EMC
  • Actual load is determined at all times based on the recorded events

¹ excluding taxes

New functionalities of the Impulse Analytics Service

Version 2.0.0, Update from 01/01/2021

  • Detailed information on surge current events (SOH = Reports the remaining service life time of the Surge Protective Device (SPD) and provides a planable maintenance)
  • Transparency about the condition of the system through real-time monitoring of the supply lines
  • Troubleshooting is made easier and maintenance work can be planned even better

About the Impulse Analytics Service

Status reports at the push of a button

Depending on the system type, the IEC 62305-3 standard requires surge protective devices to be checked at specific intervals. Thanks to real-time monitoring, you know the SPD’s state and generate status reports at any time at the push of a button – even between predetermined test intervals. Thus, you are perfectly informed, whenever you want.

Keeping the pulse of your system

Benefit from predictive maintenance: Thanks to real-time measurement of surge currents and transient overvoltages, you can continuously monitor the condition of the system and the surge protection. This makes the remaining service life expectancy (state of health – SoH) of the protective devices transparent so that maintenance services become more predictable.

Using digital added values and services

The cloud-based analysis of measured values enables completely new automated processes. Combine the values of the overvoltage events in the cloud, e.g. with local weather data or location information. Use this information for your logistics or export the data for your own evaluations.

Screenshots, Tutorials, Videos of the Impulse Analytics Service

  • Im Impulse Analytics Service können die ImpulseCheck Geräte in einer Übersicht mit ihrem Gesundheitszustand angezeigt werden.
    In the Impulse Analytics service, the ImpulseCheck devices can be displayed in an overview with their health status.

Compatible Devices

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