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Send Time Series Data to

To send Time Series Data you use the input of the “ProficloudDevice”-Node. You should collect the data from your application with one of the default Nodes of Node-RED. In this lesson we are working with fake data. After the collection the data should be formatted as json object inside `` as the following example:

msg = {};
msg.payload = {"data" : {"humidity": 12.0, "temp": 2.0}};
return msg;

To test it just put the code above in a function node and trigger it with an injection node. The Time Series Data will then show up in the “Device Template” of the Time Series Data-Service.

In the described example the timestamp of is set for the incoming data. To use your local timestamp, put it with the key “timestamp“ and the timestamp in milliseconds as value inside the data object.

References & Where to learn more

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