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Revolutionizing Industrial Efficiency: Unleashing the Power of Smart Services in Two Real-World Use Cases

Revolutionizing Industrial Efficiency: Unleashing the Power of Smart Services in Two Real-World Use Cases

Unlock the full potential of Smart Services in your industrial operations. Explore real-world applications, understand technical approaches, and witness tangible results.

In the dynamic landscape of industrial operations, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs are paramount goals. Let’s delve into two compelling use cases where Smart Services have proven to be transformative.

Streamlined Production Monitoring:’s Device Management Service Revolutionizes Equipment Oversight

Imagine one Company, a medium-sized cargo bicycle manufacturer with production spread across multiple locations. Their challenge was a lack of a comprehensive overview at the company level, leading to disruptions and prolonged downtimes when machines broke down. The solution? Utilizing the Device Management Service, a key component of our IIoT platform. This service provides standardized, real-time information about all controllers, enabling dynamic equipment health status retrieval from any location. The result? Production managers no longer need on-site routine checks; a quick glance at the dashboard provides a color-coded, easy-to-understand overview of every hardware status.

Smart Energy Management: Phoenix Contact’s Revolutionizes Utility Oversight

Now shift gears to the example of another Company, one of the world’s largest spice manufacturers, striving for a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions. Their challenge involved recording and comparing energy data from three diverse production sites with numerous machines and utility flows. The answer? Phoenix Contact’s Data Collection Box and, forming a seamlessly integrated solution for utility metering. Smart Services like EMMA and Time Series Data enabled comprehensive data evaluation and visualization, offering the Company a local and global view of their utility management.

The outcome? A 16% reduction in energy consumption in their Factory and a global dashboard facilitating cross-factory comparisons for informed decision-making.

Both these scenarios are explained in more detail in the whitepaper “Smart Services – 5 Use Cases”. This comprehensive resource delves deeper into these transformative solutions, showcasing how standardized cloud services can overcome implementation hurdles, leading to significant efficiency gains.

Download the whitepaper now to explore real-world applications, understand the technical approaches, and witness tangible results. It’s your guide to unlocking the full potential of “Smart Services” in your industrial operations.

Streamlining Energy Management with Smart Services

Download the whitepaper now and uncover the possibilities of harnessing intelligent services for your company!